Our nightmares

We’ve all had them (at least those of us honest enough to admit it) – our event nightmares  – there is the freakish snow storm in April, missing keynote speaker (due to the freakish snow storm), stolen giveaways, and of course the missing boxes shipped to the event  (why is it  that the box that goes MIA is never something easily replaced liked velcro  and scissors – instead its usually 1,000 printed name tags or the box of desperately needed conference brochures).

So here is our  4 step process when disaster strikes:

1. Take a deep breath and assess the situation  (we use a 1-10 scale)

2.  Develop plan b (also good to have plan c ready to go if needed)

3. Stay calm – if you have a full blown panic attack than others around you start to  panic  (not a pretty site)

4. Learn and move on

I learned NEVER ship a box marked “$1.00 iTunes gift cards” and always hand-carry the pre-printed name tags.

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