What we’re serving

According to the show “Mad Men” a martini  is the drink to serve at a business lunch – but given we don’t live in the 60’s (or drink martinis during the day….at least not yet)  we’re sharing our tips for what works at a business dinner event:

Think Local: For one client we were asked to “wine and dine”  their European customers who had been flown into Canada for a high level executive briefing.  We opted to serve them something unique to Canada – Ice Wine.     We had the sommelier explain how the wines are made (grapes are only picked when temp is 10 degrees below zero – who new that was even possible?) and we provided a tasting from several vineyards.  It was a hit.

First Impressions Count: Signature drinks aren’t just for weddings.   Having something ready to serve your business guests as they arrive is a great way to kick off the evening.    For an event this week  we’re serving Prosecco in flutes passed around on silver trays as guests enter the Italian restaurant.

Top Shelf All the Way: We all have to pinch pennies sometimes when it comes to staying on budget – but cutting back on the quality of what you serve business executives is not the place to do it.

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